The Smart board teaching conference machine is popular in the education industry

The teaching touch all-in-one machine is a media device developed on the basis of traditional electronic education and computer equipment. It has the functions of teaching, academic report, conference, comprehensive discussion, demonstration and exchange, remote teaching, remote paper modification, remote classroom, remote demonstration, remote conference, etc.

In view of the unlimited potential of the teaching mall, since its birth, the teaching touch machine has been focused on the teaching industry. Compared with traditional electronic whiteboard products, the touch integrated machine has many advantages.

In the teaching industry, the educational conference machine is gradually replacing the traditional projector, becoming a new generation of mainstream teaching aids, and developing a new multimedia teaching mode.

Although the application of intelligent conference teaching all-in-one machine in the teaching industry is becoming more and more popular, teaching should not only rely on the machine, but also make rational use of intelligent conference teaching all-in-one machine to better improve teaching efficiency.

It has the following advantages:

  • Multi touch, no delay, no drift and blind spot;
  • Support multi touch: 20 touch;
  • Support the one button energy-saving touch wake-up function called from the gesture menu;
  • Automatic wake-up function;
  • Support the operating system;
  • Support TUIO. Flash and other customer agreements;
  • High reliability and good fault tolerance.