eunics Smart Board

Affordable, build a personalized interactive smart screen

For meetings and teaching in the new era of collaboration, Smart Boards are indispensable.


10+ cooperation functions of Smart Board

Share and transfer

It can be done simultaneously in the room or on a remote device.


Windows and Ios, as well as Android and Chrome, break through the barriers

Learning operation

FRM will provide video teaching service and remote control service.

For Education

Build a personalized teaching experience, Bring more interaction to the classroom.

more lively classroom.

For Business

Build personalized conferences, Suitable for enterprises to hold video conferences, etc.

Create the perfect meeting.

Everything we offer for Smart Board

  • Commercial A-grade Touchscreen available in 55”– 110” sizes.

  • With 4K / 2K Ultra HD resolution and 20-point IR touch capability.

  • Tempered glass, anti-glare glass, and explosion-proof glass can be customized.

  • Powerful Wi-Fi, Support: Windows, Mac, Android, Linux, iOS, Chrome OS, and other systems.

  • Built-in Android 8.0 / 9.0 OS with full access to Google Play Store and multi-login support.

  • 2 built-in Dolby 15W stereo speakers to deliver a flawless sound experience.

  • OPS PC slot, camera, and keyboard trays for plug & play installations.

  • OPS computer supports customization: 2nd and 4th generation and 6th and 8th generation CPU, I3 and I5 and I7. 4G/8G memory 128G/256G/512G SSD hard drive

  • Includes a VESA standard wall mount, 1 remote control for the display, 2 pens, and 1 extendable pen.

Smart Board For Business

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