The all-in-one teaching and meeting machine is a media equipment developed on the basis of traditional electronic education and computer equipment. It has the functions of teaching, academic reports, conferences, comprehensive discussions, demonstration exchanges, remote teaching, remote paper modification, remote classroom, remote demonstration, remote conference, etc.

With the increasing popularity of the application of electronic touch devices in the market, the all-in-one teaching and conference machine is loved by the majority of users because of its fashionable appearance, convenient operation, powerful functions, and is widely used in many fields in various industries.

In modern education and teaching, various interactive classrooms, multi-function halls and conference centers have become modern and diversified representatives, and the all-in-one teaching and meeting machine has occupied these places. Therefore, the design should fully reflect high intelligence and informatization.

The chalk dust is flying, the pain of erasing the blackboard and the many test papers that can be published into a book on the desk. I believe you will never forget these memories of the student days. The construction of a smart city has opened a chapter. The all-in-one teaching and meeting machine can be used in enterprise meetings, banking, government, education, telemedicine, real estate, etc.

The all-in-one teaching and meeting machine adopts infrared sensing technology and supports multi touch. By touching the screen with your finger, you can handwritten input text, zoom in and out of moving pictures, query and compare questions, everything you need and touch.