Although students can obtain teaching resources through various electronic products such as computers and mobile phones, it is undeniable that long-term frequent staring at the screen of electronic products can easily cause considerable burden and damage to the eyes.
Therefore, the interactive whiteboard with large screen and small volume has gradually become an indispensable product for teachers and students in teaching.
So, what surprises can the all-in-one teaching conference machine bring us in terms of function?

“Mom doesn’t have to worry about eating chalk dust anymore.”

The interactive whiteboard can perform various writing and touch operations on the screen through any opaque object, which means that the all-in-one teaching machine can not only get rid of the limitation of special writing, but also avoid the need for three The helplessness of eating chalk dust under the podium.


The interactive whiteboard supports multi-point simultaneous positioning and writing. While recognizing various gestures and actions, screen objects can also be zoomed, rotated and annotated, making teaching demonstrations more intuitive and giving users a higher comfortable experience!

Multi-function integration is one of the highlights of the interactive whiteboard. Its integration is mainly reflected in multimedia LCD high-definition display, computer, electronic whiteboard, audio playback and other functions. It is not only easy to use, but also realizes vivid human-computer interaction, real-time annotation, multimedia interactive demonstration and so on.


It is worth mentioning that the interactive whiteboard can also conduct video conferences. In video conferencing, it can also collect, record, store and play sound and image signals through internal devices such as external cameras and voice recognition, and even realize visual communication of remote personnel through LAN or WAN!

Different from other all-in-one machines on the market, the interactive whiteboard has a strong display effect. Its screen brightness, contrast and image clarity can not only meet the needs of users, but also display multiple application videos and multiple images at the same time.
To sum up, the interactive whiteboard not only has a variety of functions, but also has functional advantages that other all-in-one machines on the market do not have. Therefore, the all-in-one teaching conference machine can fully meet the diverse needs of users!