With the popularization and application of smart boards, many institutions have used smart boards to improve workflow and increase output, and have accumulated valuable application experience. Here we share a few successful cases for your reference.

Case 1: A university library uses a smart board to train freshmen’s information skills, realize self-service query and borrow books, and improve training efficiency.

Case 2: A hospital uses smart kanban in the operating room to display the case discussion process, intraoperative precautions, real-time inspection results, etc.

Case 3: A company builds a remote conference system through a smart board to realize project collaboration between branches, reduce travel costs, and improve work efficiency.

Case 4: A training institution uses a smart board for interactive teaching of programming language, and students can learn independently by writing code, simulating running, debugging, etc. on the board.

Case 5: A catering company applies a smart ordering system. Customers can browse menus and order and pay through the smart board to improve the dining experience.

Through these successful cases, we can conclude that the biggest advantages of smart boards lie in information display, human-computer interaction, and remote collaboration. Reasonable application of smart board can not only improve the actual work efficiency, but also provide a more humanized service experience.

1. Online Education

Online education institutions use smart boards to record and broadcast video courses, and the remote interactive experience is better than traditional recorded courses.

2. Exhibition Display

The exhibition site uses smart boards for product display, which can be operated to demonstrate product functions and improve the exhibition effect.

3. Smart Conference Room

Integrate smart boards, cameras, voice recognition and other equipment to realize functions such as meeting records and remote participation.

4. New Retail

Through the smart board, live broadcast delivery of goods, push personalized product information, and enhance the shopping experience.

5. Medical Imaging Assistance
The medical image intelligent analysis system assists the doctor in reading the film and displays it on the smart board.
6. Airport, Station

Use the smart board to publish real-time travel information, guide routes, etc., and provide intelligent services.

7. Cultural And Creative Industry
Digital painting studios use LCD smart boards for painting creation.
8. Industrial Manufacturing

Set up an intelligent production status display and operation monitoring system on the factory floor.

Through these typical cases, it can be seen that the smart board provides a broad application space and infinite possibilities for various industries.