The outstanding performance of the interactive whiteboard in the teaching and conference process has led more and more schools and companies to put it into use. Today, let’s discuss some issues that need to be paid attention to in the installation of the interactive whiteboard for better use.

1.Site issues. The interactive whiteboard should be installed on a flat site.

At the same time, the ground should be able to bear the weight. Generally, it is difficult to bear the weight of ceramic tiles.

Also, pay attention to the need for anti-static installation of the ground.

2.Signal problem. When installing the interactive whiteboard, the power line and signal line should be separated.

They should be installed in different places to avoid interference.

In addition, the required length and specification should be calculated according to the screen size and installation location to budget the needs of the whole project.

3.Light problem. The light around the installation environment should not be too strong.

If the light is too strong, you may not be able to see the picture on the screen.

The windows near the screen should be blocked if necessary, and the lights should not be installed in front of the screen as far as possible.

4.Installation problems. During installation, a gap of 25cm shall be reserved from the wall, and the maintenance passage shall not be less than 1.2m.

The removable edge strip shall press the screen edge for 3-5 cm, and the air conditioner or air outlet shall be installed in the maintenance passage to ensure good ventilation of the equipment.

Pay attention that the air at the air outlet cannot blow directly against the box, so as to avoid uneven damage to the screen.