The main reason why the interactive whiteboard is popular is that its function settings are very in line with market needs.

The three functions of interactive remote control, smart screen projection, and video conference are practical functions that are very much needed in the scene. They solve most of the application situations in the smart conference scene, and are both practical and easy to use.

The interactive whiteboard has a high-performance Android system, with special functions such as remote operation and mid-station touch operation, and supports interactive remote control of various devices. Not only can the all-in-one teaching conference machine be controlled by the central console or remote control, but also the two-way control of the screen projection and interconnection of mobile devices can be realized, realizing the “interconnection of everything” in the conference space and mutual remote control.
It not only has the function of screen projection display on a single device, but also can realize the simultaneous display of multiple terminal devices on one screen, which is convenient for data transmission of mobile terminals such as mobile phones, tablet computers, and notebook computers, and supports 4-frame screen display to the maximum extent. Support screen expansion and remote two-way control.