Before choosing an interactive whiteboard or a projector, compare the differences between the two, and you can clearly know which one is easier to use and more cost-effective.

1. Performance projection:

When the projector is used for teaching, the projector has poor adaptability to light. In daily classes, the curtains must be drawn so that the students can better see the projected content. The interactive whiteboard optimizes the performance of the display screen under strong light, has anti-blue light and anti-glare performance, and can display the best picture.

2. Intelligent writing:

The application of the projector needs to be applied at the same time as the computer, sound and other equipment. When the teacher wants to write on the blackboard on the courseware, he must also need some specific positioning pens or keyboard output, which is extremely difficult.

At present, the interactive whiteboard on the market has the function of an intelligent writing system. Teachers can directly explain, correct, and erase the teaching courseware on the screen with their hands, which saves time and is simple and efficient.

3. Lecture hall quality:

The fun and interactivity of the lecture hall indirectly determines the quality of the lecture hall. When using projectors for teaching, teachers’ teaching methods in the classroom are often unified, and there are few scenes of interaction with students, less classroom fun, and lack of interaction, which also affects students’ learning effects.

But now, manufacturers of comprehensive teaching equipment such asinteractive whiteboard have established a rich library of teaching resources and a library of questions for this part of the demand when they launched their products. When teachers prepare lessons, they can make full use of these materials, and they can also use the question bank to ask questions in the classroom, so that students can think about the answers, and enhance the fun and interaction of students in the classroom.