Now, the smart board has gradually become the main teaching tool of the contemporary era, and its convenient operation, powerful performance, and rich curriculum capital have been equally praised by teachers and students.

The traditional blackboard and chalk main teaching methods can not achieve the teaching results, and some common sense is also lacking in the display. The smart board can solve this series of problems, improve the teacher’s performance in the classroom, and improve the main teaching quality.

Blue-ray screen of the smart board

The smart board supports 2K ultra-high-definition performance, has a larger vision, the main teaching content looks clearer, restores the true color, and has Blu-ray technology to protect the eye health of students and teachers.

The smart board is easy to operate

The smart board is easy to operate, supports multi-point touch control, fast sensing, more correct operation, supports palm back touch erasure, removes knowledge points, and is more convenient to use, and supports mobile phone control panel and projection, greatly improving teaching efficiency.

AI automatic storage of the smart board

The smart board also has advanced AI dialogue, which can make students better understand common sense, mobilize children’s enthusiasm and interest in learning, and make students like learning. In addition, the smart board also adds an automatic storage function, which can record the course at the same time, and store the data of the main teaching and discussion contained in the class, so that the knowledge points can be reviewed after class, and the problems can be solved quickly if they are not met.