With the wide application of information technology in the field of education, intelligent interactive whiteboard as a new generation of multimedia teaching tools, by teachers and students welcome. Intelligent whiteboard in the end what are the practical functions? Today we will take a look at the 10 major functions of the intelligent whiteboard.

I. Multi-touch operation

Multi-touch is a major feature of the smart whiteboard, support for more than one person at the same time to write and draw operations, greatly improving the interactive teaching. Common intelligent whiteboard support 2-20 points of touch, the more the number of collaborative effect is better.

II. Stylus writing and drawing

The smart whiteboard is equipped with a specialized electronic pen for a natural and smooth writing experience. Whether it’s a teacher writing in a lecture or a student solving a problem on the stage, it’s very convenient to use the smart pen. You can also choose the color and thickness of the pen to draw.

III. Screen sharing and mirror projection

Through the screen sharing function, teachers and students can project the screen content of cell phones, tablets and laptops onto the smart whiteboard in real time, making it convenient to display learning materials.

IV. File Transfer And Preservation

Intelligent whiteboard supports the transfer and saving of various files such as ppt, word, pdf, pictures and other files. Teachers can transfer the courseware to the whiteboard in advance and open it directly during class.

V. Remote Control And Collaboration

With remote collaboration enabled, students who are unable to be present can also connect to the whiteboard remotely to interact and collaborate with the teacher and other students.

VI. Built-in toolbox

Intelligent whiteboards provide practical tools such as rulers, right-angles, triangles, etc., which are convenient for teachers to use in teaching.

VII. Document labeling and editing

While the document is displayed, you can intuitively mark up or edit the document with the smart pen and save the changes.

VIII. Media file playback

Intelligent whiteboard can directly play video, audio, animation and other media files, rich teaching resources.

IX. Conference management and schedule

Intelligent whiteboards are integrated with meeting management functions, which allow you to book meeting rooms, set meeting schedules, and manage attendees.

X. Third-party application extensions

Support the integration of third-party applications to expand more functions, such as online education software, Means Tianyuan and so on.

To sum up, intelligent whiteboards are powerful and can completely replace traditional blackboards, opening a new era of intelligent, Internet-based teaching. Teachers can use their imagination, combined with their own teaching needs, the use of intelligent whiteboards to enrich the means of teaching, creating a positive classroom atmosphere. If you are considering the use of intelligent whiteboards, think about how to use its application to realize the innovation of teaching.