Commercially, the conference focuses on efficiency and quality. The conference method represented by projection + computer can no longer adapt to the development trend of the times and can not meet the needs of the conference, and the interactive whiteboard was born to solve this problem.

It integrates whiteboard, computer, TV, projector, audio, high-definition display and multi-purpose. The high-definition LCD screen is used as a display operation platform. Computer interaction, multimedia information processing, network transmission and other technologies provide the best solutions for office, teaching, and interactive display of pictures and texts for the information age.

1. The interactive whiteboard adopts touch technology, supports handwriting and single-pen operation, and starts zooming and roaming operations, and can freely zoom in, zoom out, and rotate, making the speech more concise and convenient!

This machine adopts an intelligent writing whiteboard. Users can customize the size, color and background color of the pen according to their usage habits, and quickly complete business affairs such as writing and annotation.

2. The interactive whiteboard supports wireless screen sharing and remote video conference functions. It only needs to be connected to the Internet. No matter what kind of video call, network conference or business meeting, it can be shared through the screen, multiple people can annotate at the same time, and chat freely.

Whether your team members are present or not, the interactive whiteboard allows you to bring all members together for “face-to-face” meetings, no matter where you are, as long as you have established a network, you can communicate effectively with your team.

3. The interactive whiteboard does not need to be debugged and can be used after power on; the user-friendly function design can be used as soon as it is used.

Assemble a variety of functions, the conversion is simpler. And supports two installation methods of wall hanging and mobile bracket, making the meeting easier.