Teaching and meeting touch integrated machine is also known as conference tablet, intelligent conference tablet, conference integrated machine and intelligent whiteboard.

With multi touch, smooth writing, clear picture quality, multi person interaction on the same screen, remote video and strong scalability, it can be compatible with a variety of USB devices, network cards, wireless keyboards, mice, a machine to meet multiple needs; Most of them have Windows and Android intelligent dual systems, which are simple to operate, support one click conversion, and can also add apps to meet the personalized needs of enterprises in different fields.

The intelligent conference all-in-one machine not only has the powerful functions of watching movies and playing games, but also its interactive intelligent whiteboard function can make the home become a classroom, and interactive text writing enables children at home to gain knowledge and creativity.

The practical application of the all-in-one teaching and meeting machine proves that the all-in-one teaching and meeting machine replaces the traditional blackboard and projector and becomes the mainstream teaching auxiliary equipment, which can better mobilize students’ enthusiasm for learning, reduce teachers’ teaching pressure and truly improve the efficiency of teaching.