With the extensive application of the smart board in advanced teaching equipment, the center of the smart board has now been developed for schools and training institutions. What is the important significance of the smart board in the education industry that is worthy of recognition?

1、 Improve student participation

The smart board is very practical and widely used in China’s education system. Its use in the classroom can shorten the distance between teachers and students and increase interactivity.

2、 Different operation modes

The operation is simple and easy to use. We can understand it as an enlarged iPad. It is convenient to use. Using the smart board can write like a traditional blackboard, but it will not generate dust. Even if the teacher is not familiar with electronic products or has a relatively large hands-on ability, it can also be used simply.

3、 Video, remote transmission

Through the networking process, the smart board can upload the teacher’s lectures through the network, and automatically save the courses to the cloud disk. If there are students or teachers who can’t give lectures face-to-face in time, they can video lectures, or send the recorded courses to the corresponding people.

4、 Green and pollution-free

With the use of the smart board, the waste of paper and ink is eliminated, the time of printing and handwriting is also reduced, and the waste of paper and ink in the natural environment is reduced every year. The sufficiency of the green environment reduces the pollution emission of nature.