With the current information technology, Smart boards have become one of the most widely used teaching tools for educators in all subject areas due to their interactivity and flexibility. smart board activities are adapted to all age groups, including very young children.

Kindergarteners are typically between the ages of 3-6 and are at an age when they are active and playful. And it’s not possible for every child to sit through a 40-minute lesson as quietly as an elementary, middle or high school student.

It is because kindergartens have found that young children have a love for early childhood whiteboards that schools around the world are installing touch screen all-in-one equipment. This modern, intelligent teaching equipment is more intuitive, interactive and engaging compared to traditional teaching.

Smart Board Advantage
Increase interactivity

With ten-point touch function, you can write the content by hand or directly with a pen at will, but also directly modify, annotate, delete PPT or word documents and other content, without the need to modify the computer. And touch responsive, can be controlled at will, intelligent gesture recognition function, etc. Children can also go directly to the podium for drawing, doodling, etc., increasing the interaction between teachers and children.

Rich imagination

Traditional teaching is that the teacher holds the textbook and the students can only see what is in the textbook, which is static, and for students who do not have a good memory, they may forget it afterwards. But through the smart board can see vivid images and content, can make students more interested, love learning can also cultivate children’s concentration.

Improve focus

The smart board is designed according to the cognitive characteristics of children, using a variety of visual and auditory means, which can allow students to enter the world of games and channel their attention, thus improving the concentration and anti-disturbance ability of young children. Advanced technology is used to make learning a relaxing and enjoyable process through immersive experience, search and creation, which can greatly stimulate children’s motivation and interest in learning and thus improve learning effectiveness.

Main features of the Smart Board
Make the board more clearly visible

Based on any writing surface such as ordinary blackboard, ordinary whiteboard, the implementation of ordinary chalk or whiteboard pen digital, automatically generated with the original handwriting electronic board, real-time restoration of the teacher’s important board content, to protect the eyes, compared to the traditional touch all-in-one machine, the smart board can be unique to each teacher’s chalk font form, thickness, roundness, stroke are restored one by one.

Historical notes restored in time

It saves the teacher’s most important board, courseware, and voice in real time, restoring every step of the class process so that students can look back at any time for targeted review, allowing the teacher to review the details of the class and optimize the class process.

Nib precision recognition

1.5mm. writing accuracy error: plus or minus 1.5mm. bad tube shielding function: up to 15% of the lamp damage in use, can be used normally, effectively improve the interference with the chalk dust.