The intelligent electronic whiteboard system adopts a brand new whiteboard technology, with dimensions that can be adaptively adjusted in the range of 60 to 150 inches. Its innovative breakthrough has brought about a new interactive teaching method that can effectively promote teacher-student interaction, activate the classroom atmosphere, and improve teaching quality. The powerful annotation function is highly popular among teachers, making it easy to annotate and modify teaching materials, including PPT, Word, Excel documents, and various formats of images. It can effectively improve students’ listening experience and greatly improve teaching efficiency.

Product Features

1. 30 to 80 cm retractable whiteboard light pen, suitable for teaching needs.
2. Support all kinds of media, whether the background is a projection screen, wall, solid whiteboard, etc., can show the charm of teaching.
3. Large screen with an effective writing range of up to 150 inches.
4. It can support up to 40 meters of connectivity, making it convenient for large classrooms to use.
5. Easy installation with multiple fixing methods.

A projector, also known as a projector, is a device that can project images or videos onto the screen. It can be connected to a computer, VCD, DVD, BD, game console, DV, etc. through different interfaces to play corresponding video signals.

Projectors are widely used in homes, offices, schools, and entertainment venues. According to different work methods, there are different types such as CRT, LCD, DLP, 3LCD, etc

Price comparison

The price of intelligent LCD whiteboards is generally around 3000 yuan. LCD whiteboards integrate multiple technologies such as infrared touch technology, intelligent public education software, multimedia network communication technology, high-definition flat panel display technology, and elevate traditional display terminals into fully functional human-computer interaction devices. In various occasions such as meetings, teaching, and training, all functions of the electronic whiteboard system can be independently implemented to easily annotate, modify, and save teaching courseware such as PPT Word, Excel documents, and various formats of images, making it vivid and vivid.

The price of a projector is influenced by factors such as brand, performance characteristics, and usage location. Generally speaking, a good projector costs between 2500 yuan and 15000 yuan. Before purchasing, you can choose the projector price that suits you according to your personal needs.


  • Different connection methods

The projector needs to be connected to the computer through a VGA or HDMI cable. The smart board only requires wireless screen projection through devices such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops, etc.

  • Different display effects

The projector projects images onto curtains or white walls, requiring high brightness of the light. Only in a dark environment can the best display effect and experience be achieved. The smart board is directly displayed on the LCD screen, with high contrast and a wide viewing angle. Whether the light is sufficient or dim, it can achieve excellent display results.

  • Different writing methods

The projector cannot annotate writing and searching on the screen, and the smart board can annotate through fingers or touch pens, while also having the function of multiple people writing online.

  • Different storage methods

The use of a projector for meeting recording can only be done by taking notes or taking photos, while the smart board can record and save the key points of the meeting in real time, and can fully save the manuscript and annotations of the meeting. Participants can easily take away meeting minutes by scanning the QR code.

Intelligent whiteboard is a multifunctional intelligent conference platform that integrates projectors, electronic whiteboards, television, advertising displays, audio, and microphones. Meeting rooms equipped with intelligent whiteboards do not require the purchase of additional equipment, are not bound by wires, and do not require dedicated personnel to maintain and connect equipment, which can effectively save costs and improve meeting efficiency.