Meetings are the most common and important thing in the workplace. For most employees, one meeting a day, one meeting every three days, weekend ending meeting, mid-month summary meeting, quarterly summary meeting, annual summary meeting, and various meetings. Before the meeting, it is necessary to prepare whiteboards, projections, curtains, distribute materials, copy documents, write on the blackboard, wipe the blackboard, and take notes during the meeting. These trivial matters are very time-consuming. How can we improve the efficiency of the meeting?

When it comes to intelligent and efficient conferences, it has to be said that many people and enterprises are now slowly using the smart board.

The smartboard, also known as the conference tablet, is a new generation of intelligent conference equipment. Display, split-screen display, remote video conferencing and wireless screen projection of various smart devices.

It support network multimedia playback and other functions, have been widely used in large conferences, corporate conference rooms and other occasions, and are often used in education, medical care, etc .

Why is the smartboard accepted by more and more enterprise units, and they have become their “fans”?Compared with traditional conference equipment, what is the charm of the intelligent teaching conference machine? What are its advantages?

Advantage 1:

With touch writing function, handwriting is smooth and smooth, you can write by hand, make annotations at any time, and support gesture erasing.

Advantage 2:

It has the function of wireless screen sharing, which can be wirelessly transmitted by mobile, tablet computer and teaching conference all-in-one machine in the same network environment.

Advantage 3:

It has the functions of meeting records and scanning code to take away. A QR code can be generated for writing records on the whiteboard of the conference and the annotation content of the presentation files, which can be taken away by scanning the code with a mobile phone, or directly saved.

Advantage 4:

With remote conference function, successful cooperation is not limited by distance. Third-party software that supports remote conferencing, coupled with a camera and microphone, the client’s colleagues are right in front of you.

Advantage 5:

Optional dual system – Android system and Windows system, also has wireless WiFi function. Touch, touch interaction, software download, can meet various meeting needs.

The smartboard integrates a variety of functions, which can effectively improve the conference efficiency and conference interactivity, and make the conference resources more fully utilized. The product has functions such as high-definition display, precise touch, smart whiteboard, wireless transmission, writing annotations, scanning code sharing, etc. It is suitable for multiple remote conference software and hardware and rich office application software, bringing breakthroughs to corporate meetings and making conference affairs easier. Efficiency/Enterprise-level office is more efficient, powerful technology gives it the strength to be favored by enterprises, and “people come and go” rely on their ability to “eat”!