In the 21st century, the development of science and technology drives the change of education. As a representative product of education technology, Smart Smart Board is gradually entering classrooms all over China, injecting new vigour into the traditional education mode. As a manufacturer of Smart Intelligent Board, we are committed to providing wholesalers and distributors with high-quality products and services, and jointly opening a new chapter in the cause of education technology.

Ⅰ. Advantages of Intelligent Smart Board

Highly integrated: Intelligent Smart Board integrates the functions of computers, projectors, touch screens and other devices, which simplifies the configuration of teaching equipment and reduces the purchasing cost of schools.

Highly interactive: Intelligent Smart Board supports multi-touch control, teachers and students can interact in real time in the classroom, increasing students’ interest and participation in learning.

Rich teaching resources: Smart Board has built-in rich teaching resources, including courseware, videos, exercises, etc., which is convenient for teachers to prepare and teach.

Remote Collaboration: Smart Board supports remote collaboration, teachers and students can communicate with each other in real time, breaking through geographical restrictions and improving teaching quality.

Intelligent: Smart Board is equipped with an artificial intelligence assistant, which can identify the needs of teachers and students and provide personalised teaching services.

II. Dealer Plan

Win-win co-operation: We are committed to establishing a long-term, stable partnership with our dealers to jointly develop the market and achieve a win-win situation.

Training and support: We will provide professional training and technical support for dealers to help you get started quickly and improve your business.

Preferential policies: We provide you with generous preferential policies, including price concessions, sales rebates, marketing support, etc., so that your career development without worry.

Tailor-made cooperation programme: According to your market situation and needs, we can provide you with tailor-made cooperation programme to help your education business flourish.

Policy support: With the country’s strong investment in education informatisation, the intelligent smart board market has a broad prospect.

Market demand: With the change of education concept, more and more schools and educational institutions began to purchase intelligent smart boards, market demand continues to grow.

Continuous innovation: We are committed to the continuous innovation of our products to provide the market with more high-quality education technology products.

The Smart Smart Board Distributor Programme aims to join hands with wholesalers and distributors to create a new chapter in the education technology business. We believe that in the future of education, Smart Smart Board will play an increasingly important role in contributing to the education cause of our country. Let’s work together to create a brilliant future!