With the smart board in teaching, business presentations and other areas of wide application, more and more people began to use this interactive multimedia equipment. So, how to correctly use the smart board? This article will comprehensively analyze the smart board connection, software downloads and application techniques to help you quickly master the use of smart board.

I. Smart Board Connections

The smart board has three main types of connections: wired network connection, wireless network connection and Bluetooth connection.

1. Wired Network Connection

Using a network cable to connect the Smart Board directly to the computer is the most stable way to connect.

2. Wireless Network Connection

Connect the smart board to the router through WIFI to realize wireless connection. Setup steps are: first connect the smart board power, enter the menu, find the wireless network interface, select the WIFI need to connect, enter the password to connect.

3. Bluetooth Connection

If your computer or cell phone has Bluetooth function, you can also connect to the Smart Board via Bluetooth. Press and hold the Bluetooth button on the Smart Board to enter the search, then search and connect to the Bluetooth of the Smart Board on your computer or cell phone.

II. Download and Installation of Smart Board Software

The main SmartBoard software includes whiteboard customization software, screen sharing software, interactive teaching software and so on. Specific downloads.

1. Check and download the software installation package for the brand and model from the official Smart Board website.
2. You can also search for the brand name of the smart board on some large software download sites to find relevant software resources.
3. Some smart boards come with a built-in or bundled floppy disk or USB flash drive, which contains software that can be installed directly.

III. Smart Board Application Techniques

1. Multiple people writing at the same time, fully utilize the advantages of multi-touch.
2. Use screen sharing to display teaching materials and increase the amount of information.
3. Add teaching resource templates for quick drawing and editing.
4. Import document annotations to emphasize key content.
5. Connect to network video sources to enrich media content.
6. Use the tools provided by the teaching software, such as magnifying glass, record function.
7. Set up remote control to realize remote interactive teaching.

The above content summarizes the smart board connection, software download and installation methods, as well as daily use of the core application skills, designed to help users quickly get started with the use of the smart board. You can choose the appropriate connection method, download the required software, and master the functions of the Smart Board according to your actual use. We believe that as you become more proficient, you will be able to take advantage of the powerful interactivity of the Smart Board and elevate your teaching to new heights.