During the pandemic, online distance teaching has become an important teaching method. How to enable teachers and students to achieve a more harmonious interaction is a key point. With its powerful intelligent functions, the smart board provides strong support for the realization of high-quality distance teaching.

The smart board supports real-time online interaction among multiple people. Teachers can easily check the learning status of each student through video and provide targeted guidance. Students can also participate in the discussion through video and voice, and everyone can realize immersive interactive communication.

The smart board supports writing pen and touch operation. Teachers can demonstrate blackboard writing, and students can directly write and take notes on it, just like offline classrooms, ensuring learning effects.

The smart board also provides a wealth of teaching application resources. Teachers can quickly find interactive courseware, test question databases, video materials, etc. suitable for subjects and stages, and easily realize information-based teaching.

The remote teaching platform based on the smart board can carry out cloud resource sharing, student performance tracking analysis, system collaboration, etc., making teaching organizations more efficient.

The powerful interactive function of the smart board makes distance teaching like face-to-face. Teachers can take care of each student, and students can actively participate to achieve individualized development. It is the key to promote education informatization and realize education fairness. The application of the remote teaching function of the smart board has truly realized the gap between teaching and learning, and enabled the sustainable sharing and diffusion of quality education resources.

1. The smart board supports multi-terminal synchronous connection, and students can connect through mobile terminals such as mobile phones and tablets to realize online learning anytime, anywhere.

2. Teachers can use the screen broadcast function of the smart board to push learning materials such as courseware and handouts to all student terminals, which is convenient for students to learn.

3. Support online whiteboard interaction, teachers and students can write and draw together on the shared whiteboard, simulating offline communication.

4. Teachers can publish test questions and collect homework, and students can complete them on the smart board, and the system will automatically correct and record them.

5. The remote teaching platform can automatically record and archive the students’ learning process, and teachers and parents can review and evaluate at any time.

6. The video call function is clear and smooth. The teacher can observe the expression and status of each student and provide more personalized guidance.

7. Support the connection of various peripheral devices, and can carry out remote experimental teaching, lectures, etc., to improve the fun of learning.

8. The open platform interface can connect third-party applications to expand more possibilities.

In summary, the smart board provides strong technical support for online distance teaching, and is the key to realizing high-quality interactive teaching. It will promote the transformation and upgrading of education methods.