With the development of science and technology, various intelligent products are more widely used in the market. Among them, the promotion of teaching digitalization has further expanded the application range of the smart board.

The smart board is widely used, including but not limited to office meetings, preschool education, preschool education, classroom education, business advertising, and training institutions. If we classify the smart board according to its use scenario, size, functional materials, etc., its product types will be more abundant.

1. Corporate office meeting

Work report meetings, inter-departmental meeting communication, etc; many parties can exchange and discuss a certain technical problem, and drawings, design schemes, and product samples can be sent via video conference; In addition, cross-regional employee training, enterprise remote recruitment, etc. can be completed with the help of conference tablets, which is convenient and fast, avoiding time waste and reducing costs.

2. Media Studio

It can be used in various media studios. Its high-definition picture quality and flexible operating system provide personalized interpretation and comments for the host, bringing a new interactive experience.

3. Education and training

It replaces the traditional blackboard and chalk, reduces the adverse effects of dust on health, and various intelligent teaching functions and diversified display methods can effectively enhance students’ interest in learning and make teaching easier and more fun.

4. Medical remote application

It solves the problem that traditional medical technology is limited by space. It can solve the needs of medical communication, communication and remote surgery between different regions through remote video.

5. Family entertainment

The smart board can also be used for home entertainment, and application software can be installed as required.