As an interactive whiteboard manufacturer, the production process of our product involves several key steps, and how to select the correct display panel and install hardware (such as OPS (Open Pluggable Specification)) is the key factor affecting the quality and function of the final product. Make the product meet the needs of customers.

Design and development

The first stage is the design and development stage. At this stage, a detailed plan should be made for the function, performance, and appearance of the product. Our design team uses the most advanced production software to create 3D models of interactive whiteboards, enabling us to visualize the final products before they are put into production.

Model production and development

After the design phase is completed, we will design the prototype model. Prototyping is an important stage in the production process, because it is the time node for us to test the function of the product and adjust any problems before mass production. At this stage, we created a physical prototype of the interactive whiteboard, and our team tested it from different angles to ensure that it meets our quality standards.

Batch and manufacturing

The production process is followed by manufacturing. We use automated and manual processes to create interactive whiteboards. Our manufacturing process includes cutting, forming and assembling various components, including display panels, touch sensors and processors. We use high-quality materials and components to ensure that our products are durable, reliable and perfect in performance.

Product quality control

After the manufacturing process is completed, we will carry out quality control. It includes a series of tests to ensure that the interactive whiteboard functions correctly and meets our quality standards. Our quality control team tests every component of the interactive whiteboard, including display panel, touch sensor, processor and software. Identify and resolve any defects or problems before the product is packaged and delivered to the customer.

Packaging and transportation

Finally, packaging and transportation. Our interactive whiteboards are carefully packaged to ensure that they arrive at the customer’s location in good condition. We use high-quality packaging materials and tools, and ensure the safe packaging of our products to prevent any damage during transportation. We have also reached cooperation with reputable shipping companies to transport our products and ensure that the products are delivered to the customer’s location safely and on time.

Display panel selection

Display panel is one of the most critical components of interactive whiteboard, because it directly affects the user’s visual experience. Several types of display panels are available, such as LCD, LED and OLED, each with its unique characteristics and advantages. When selecting the display panel, we will consider such factors as size, resolution, contrast and angle of view. We also need to ensure that the display panel is compatible with our touch sensors and software, which is an important part of our interactive whiteboard.

OPS installation

OPS is a hardware specification that allows the installation of various modules in the interactive whiteboard, including processors, graphics cards and storage devices.

Benefits of installing OPS
  1. Improve processing capacity
  2. Storage capacity
  3. Connection options.

During the production of interactive whiteboard, we ensure that the OPS module is compatible with our products and meets our performance requirements. We also need to carefully install and test the OPS module to ensure that the equipment works normally.

In a word, the production process of our interactive whiteboard involves several key stages, including design and development, model production research and development, batch manufacturing, product quality control, packaging and transportation. The selection of appropriate display panel and installation of OPS and other hardware requirements are the key steps in our interactive whiteboard production process. By following the strict production process, we can ensure the highest quality of our products and meet customer expectations.