Smartboard Reseller Programme: Starting a New Chapter in Your EdTech Career

In the 21st century, the development of science and technology drives the change of education. As a representative product of education technology, Smart Smart Board is gradually entering classrooms all over China, injecting new vigour into the traditional education mode. As a manufacturer of Smart Intelligent Board, we are committed to providing wholesalers and distributors with high-quality products and services, and jointly opening a new chapter in the cause of education technology. Ⅰ. Advantages of Intelligent Smart Board Highly integrated: Intelligent Smart Board integrates the functions


Benefits of teaching conference interactive whiteboard for school teaching

With the development of science and technology, school teaching has developed from the traditional chalk-blackboard teaching to the present interactive whiteboard teaching, which has greatly improved the participation and effect of school teaching and achieved better teaching results. Today, I will talk with you about the benefits of interactive whiteboard for school teaching. 1.Simplified teaching equipment In the previous school teaching, the content on the computer was projected onto the whiteboard through a projector for display. The projector, computer, stereo and whiteboard are all necessary. The


Become a SmartBoard Distributor: Get a Head Start in the EdTech Market

In today's digital age, the EdTech market is rapidly emerging, bringing unprecedented opportunities and challenges to the education industry.As a smart board manufacturer, you have the opportunity to be a leader in this booming industry. By becoming a smart board reseller, you'll be able to work with educational organisations and schools to bring innovative solutions to the education sector that will drive improvements in the student learning experience. So why choose Smart Boards? Ⅰ. Smartboard as an innovative educational tool: It is changing the traditional mode


Precautions for installation of interactive whiteboard

The outstanding performance of the interactive whiteboard in the teaching and conference process has led more and more schools and companies to put it into use. Today, let's discuss some issues that need to be paid attention to in the installation of the interactive whiteboard for better use. 1.Site issues. The interactive whiteboard should be installed on a flat site. At the same time, the ground should be able to bear the weight. Generally, it is difficult to bear the weight of ceramic tiles. Also, pay attention to


Become a smart board dealer: opening up a new blue ocean in the education technology market

As the country continues to increase its efforts to promote smart education, the market for educational technology products is booming. As an industry leader, our company's newly launched generation of smart boards has brought revolutionary changes to the education industry. I believe that in recent years, you have also noticed the increasing demand for intelligent teaching equipment in schools and training institutions. Becoming our company's regional smart board dealer will be an excellent opportunity for you to explore the educational technology market. Here I will introduce you


A must-have for the education industry! Discover the most advanced smart boards to enhance learning and student engagement!

Education is our common dream. In this era of information explosion, how to use education technology to help more children interest in exploring knowledge, this will be our focus of thinking. As a leading company in the teaching smart board industry, we have always been committed to providing educational institutions with the most popular and innovative technology applications. After years of hard work, we have developed a new generation of teaching smart boards that will take traditional classroom teaching into a whole new realm. Compared with the

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