Intelligent board trends in education, medical and other fields

With the application of new technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, and cloud computing, smart boards have broad prospects for development and will be widely used in various fields in the future. In the field of education, the smart board will promote the digitization and personalization of teaching content, and combine with AI and big data technology to realize intelligent teaching and independent learning. At the same time, the smart board will also promote the development of online distance education, making high-quality educational resources cover a


Smart boards bring about a revolution in assisted teaching, with 3 major changes

With the wide application of information technology in the field of education, the smart board has become an indispensable tool for modern teaching. The use of smart boards has brought revolutionary changes to traditional teaching, bringing significant progress to students and teachers in three major areas. First, the smart board realizes the enrichment and visualization of teaching content. Teachers can display multimedia courseware such as animations and videos through the smart board, making boring knowledge points lively and interesting. At the same time, the smart board


Troubleshooting of smart board: blue screen, freezing and other problems

The smart board will also encounter some common faults during use, which will cause inconvenience to users. In view of the faults of smart boards, this paper summarizes the causes and troubleshooting methods of several common faults. 1. Blue screen failure A blue screen appears on the smart board and prompts an internal system error message, which is usually caused by system file corruption or critical program crashes. You can try to restart it to solve it. If the blue screen still occurs after restarting, you


How to maintain the smart board? The daily maintenance skills are disclosed

As a multimedia device containing electronic components, the smart board also needs regular maintenance and maintenance during use to prolong its service life. So, what are the daily maintenance skills of the smart board? Today, the editor will share with you the common maintenance methods of the smart board. 1. Avoid Static Electricity Build-Up Due to the electrostatic effect of the smart board screen, it is easy to cause static electricity to accumulate for a long time. You can prepare an anti-static rag and gently wipe


Smart Board Tutorial: Connectivity, Software Download, Application Tips and Tricks

With the smart board in teaching, business presentations and other areas of wide application, more and more people began to use this interactive multimedia equipment. So, how to correctly use the smart board? This article will comprehensively analyze the smart board connection, software downloads and application techniques to help you quickly master the use of smart board. I. Smart Board Connections The smart board has three main types of connections: wired network connection, wireless network connection and Bluetooth connection. 1. Wired Network Connection Using


What are the functions of the smart board?10 practical functions in detail

With the wide application of information technology in the field of education, intelligent interactive whiteboard as a new generation of multimedia teaching tools, by teachers and students welcome. Intelligent whiteboard in the end what are the practical functions? Today we will take a look at the 10 major functions of the intelligent whiteboard. I. Multi-touch operation Multi-touch is a major feature of the smart whiteboard, support for more than one person at the same time to write and draw operations, greatly improving the interactive teaching. Common

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