As a multimedia device containing electronic components, the smart board also needs regular maintenance and maintenance during use to prolong its service life. So, what are the daily maintenance skills of the smart board? Today, the editor will share with you the common maintenance methods of the smart board.

1. Avoid Static Electricity Build-Up

Due to the electrostatic effect of the smart board screen, it is easy to cause static electricity to accumulate for a long time. You can prepare an anti-static rag and gently wipe the surface of the smart board screen every day to prevent static electricity from accumulating.

2. Screen Cleaning Method

Wipe gently and avoid applying too much force to prevent scratching the screen. You can also use a special smart board cleaning solution to gently drag the stains. Do not use corrosive detergents such as alcohol and detergent.

3. Maintain Ventilation And Heat Dissipation

Pay attention to keeping the cooling holes of the smart board unblocked and keep the classroom ventilated. Avoid placing the smart board in a closed space to avoid excessive internal temperature. A small dehumidifier can be used.

4. Regularly Check The Connecting Wire

Check whether the interfaces, power lines, and signal lines of the smart board are normal, firm, and undamaged. Once a problem is found, it should be replaced in time to avoid safety accidents.

5. Pay Attention To The Storage Environment

When the smart board is not in use, store it in a cool, ventilated, and dust-free place. A dust cover can be covered and a desiccant can be placed.

The daily care and maintenance of the smart board is very important to ensure its long-term normal use.

1. Regular cleaning

In addition to daily wiping and cleaning, deep cleaning and maintenance should also be carried out regularly. It can be wiped every 1-2 months with a professional smart board cleaning solution or diluted detergent liquid to remove accumulated stains and grease on the surface.

2. Update the firmware

Pay attention to the firmware update released by the smart board manufacturer to ensure that the system software version is the latest. The new firmware fixes bugs and optimizes performance. Automatic check for update reminders can be set.

3. Do a good job of waterproofing

The surface of the smart board can be properly coated with a waterproof coating to prevent stains from penetrating into the screen. Also, be careful to avoid the surface of the board from being directly exposed to water. If water is found inside, immediately cut off the power supply and contact professional maintenance in time.

4. Regularly Check The Cable Interface

Check whether the power cord, HDMI cable, network cable, and other interfaces are loose, and tighten the fixing screws if necessary to avoid poor contact.

5. Do A Good Job Of Dust Protection

Placing a small air purifier near the surface of the smart board can reduce dust pollution. Close the dust cover completely when not in use. Do not pile up information files on the board.

6. Avoid Displaying Static Images For A Long Time

Displaying static images for a long time will burn the screen, it is best to set interval flash screen protection. Turn off the power after use, and do not turn it on 24 hours a day.

7. Choose a suitable wall mounting location

Avoid direct sunlight on the screen, the wall should not be too thin and brittle, and the fixing buckle should be firm, etc.

The above points are the basic maintenance skills of the smart board. As long as you insist on daily maintenance, you can greatly extend the life of the smart board. A smart board with ongoing maintenance keeps it up and running.