The smartboard is an all-in-one device with touch function composed of LCD screen, touch screen, computer host and other hardware and software. It has the functions of computer, TV, touch screen, multimedia, audio, Internet, etc. , attendance printing, etc., the application environment requirements are low, and it can meet the needs of users in different regions.

In recent years, with the continuous increase in the market demand for smartboard, the manufacturers of intelligent touch all-in-one machines are mixed, the quality is uneven, and the phenomenon of mixed brands is very serious. To this end, it brings many difficulties to procurement. Many users search for the right manufacturer like a needle in a haystack. So, how to buy a touch smart touch all-in-one machine suitable for them?

1. The current smartboard on the market mainly adopts infrared touch on the LCD screen. capacitive touch. Resistive touch. The touch sensitivity and accuracy of a touch screen cannot be ignored. The quality of the touch screen determines the use experience effect, service life and poor touch screen of the touch screen, which is prone to problems such as slow operation response and screen blockage.

2. As the display main body of the whole teaching conference machine, the LCD screen should ensure high-definition, wear-resistant and scratch-resistant screen. After all, the machine is used in public places and runs for a long time every day, so the quality of the LCD screen will also affect the service life of the all-in-one teaching conference machine.

3. There are many configurations of the computer host. It depends on what you need to choose. Of course, the higher the processor configuration. hard disk. Memory has to be the best, but you can do what you can to meet your needs. The all-in-one teaching conference machine has two operating systems, Windows and Android. They also support dual system operation. It depends on the user’s needs to choose.