The smartboard is an intelligent interactive touch-type all-in-one machine that integrates multiple functions such as computers, projectors, TVs, electronic whiteboards, advertising machines, and audio systems. It is suitable for large and medium-sized enterprises. occasion.
Have you heard about several practical features of the smartboard?

Its display effect is better than that of traditional projectors and electronic whiteboards. The picture is clear and clear, the picture is delicate and smooth, the color is pure and natural, and the detail transition is smooth. Even in high-brightness environments, images remain clear and colorless.

Provides infrared touch function, which can directly write meeting content on the screen with a pen or finger, and can also meet the needs of multiple people writing at the same time. Touch, write, erase, zoom in, zoom out, whatever you want.

With the support of corresponding hardware, the smartboard can transmit the instant scene of the conference in real time, without delay and with high stability, and realize face-to-face meetings in different places and “distanceless” communication.

Wireless projection screen can be realized without data cable. Multi-screen interaction can be achieved through tablet computers and smartphones, and files can be easily transferred, making meetings faster and more convenient.

Minutes of meetings, bring sticky notes, and redefine meeting minutes. After saving the file on the smartboard, a QR code can be generated, which can be synchronously saved to the mobile phone by scanning it with a mobile phone.