In daily life, the smartboard is used very frequently.

Do you know its characteristics?



The smartboard integrates infrared touch technology, intelligent office education software, multimedia network communication technology, high-definition flat-panel display technology and other technologies to upgrade the traditional display terminal into a fully functional human-computer interaction device. Through projectors, projection screens, electronic whiteboards, computers, etc., users can write, annotate, draw, etc. It is a multimedia entertainment, multi-functional interactive educational equipment.

1. Improve students’ language organization ability and expression ability.

Teachers use the smartboard to demonstrate and explain at the podium, which promotes the improvement of students’ language organization and expression ability, and clarifies the process of problem-solving.

2. To promote the development of students’ logical thinking ability.

Students’ logical thinking ability has been greatly improved through the application of the smartboard. Students can use it to query relevant information when exploring the learning object.

3. Effectively promote the development and progress of students’ cognitive level.

Students have a low level of general knowledge and rapid cognitive development. Using the smartboard effectively promote the development and progress of students’ cognitive level

4. Improve students’ problem-solving ability.

The application of the smartboard  in the classroom can improve students’ unity and cooperation ability, thinking ability, expansion ability, organization ability, expression ability. With the further development of students’ logical thinking ability, students’ cognitive level is rapidly improved.