Today’s classrooms are embedded with the technology being utilized. The SmartBoard is a component that creates a rich learning environment for students of all ages. The environment created is entirely dependent on how teachers use the SmartBoard and implement the technology into their instruction. The first aspect of integrating Smartboard technology into the classroom is understanding the components, their functionality, and how they can be used as a cohesive tool.

Smart board integrates various functions such as TV, computer, projector, electronic whiteboard, audio, video conference terminal, etc. It is suitable for group communication occasions and concentrates on solving the systematic conference needs such as remote audio and video communication, high-definition display of conference documents in various formats, video file playback, live audio, screen writing, as well as marking, saving, printing and distribution of documents; at present, smart board has been widely used in education and teaching, corporate meeting, commercial display and other fields, which can effectively improve communication environment and enhance group communication efficiency.

A more in-depth look at the Smart Board and its components could include the following elements:

Audio system: speakers for use through the computer
Connection panel: connects the computer to the smart board via USB and VGA video cable
Control module: provides you with three buttons, right-click, keyboard, and settings
Eraser: Used as an eraser for writing with the stylus.
Stylus: a colored pen that allows you to write digitally on the Smart Board

Application scenarios for smart boards
1. Corporate meetings

For enterprises, internal management, external coordination, and many other matters need to be solved through meeting communication, the meeting tool is particularly important.

Traditional conference equipment line interface, complex operation, and the function of each device are single, not conducive to modern efficient and intelligent office experience. Therefore, the birth of the smart board, covering the functions required in the three major meeting scenarios of writing, display, and collaboration, and simple operation, easy to learn and use, has become an indispensable tool for today’s meeting office.

2. Medical field

The smart board supports both windows system and Android system, which provides a platform for running all kinds of medical program software, making telemedicine meeting, telemedicine consultation and remote surgery possible, which largely alleviates the problem of medical resources tension and large differences in the level of medical workers; the smart board is equipped with a 4K HD screen with delicate and clear images, so doctors can clearly diagnose and treat the condition through the large HD screen.

3. Large-scale chambers of commerce, lectures

In large chambers of commerce or lectures, the smart board can be interconnected with the giant screen in the venue to achieve a “small screen with a large screen”, operating on the conference tablet, the large screen in real time; in addition, the body is an integrated design, as long as a power cord can be pushed to the place where you want to place, plug in the power to use, very convenient.

4. Education and training

With the advantages of effective sound, image, animation and other forms and clearer display by carrying 4K HD screen, powerful interactivity of annotating, erasing and writing on additional pages at any time, and the ability to scan the code after class to share the courseware for students to review the key points of the class, the smart board has quickly become a new force that can provide powerful help in modern teaching, becoming a powerful helper for more and more schools to achieve teaching reform. It truly reflects the characteristics of “human-computer interaction”, enhances the fun of learning, and effectively improves the effectiveness of classroom teaching.