As the name suggests, the smart board is mainly used in conference rooms, classrooms, and other occasions to replace the traditional projector, whiteboard, audio, and other equipment. It is widely used and simple to use. The smart board should have three major program modules, namely, wireless screen projection, convenient and fast writing, and video conference.

Compared with traditional projectors and other equipment, the smart board has the following advantages:

1、 High brightness

The main display component of the smart board is the LCD screen. The content presented is clear and intuitive. It can be viewed normally in a spacious and bright classroom or conference room. Unlike the projector, it needs to turn off the light or pull the curtain.

2、 High resolution

The resolution of LCD screen is now 1080P. If it is more than 65 inches, you can create a true 4K resolution. The display effect is exquisite and eye friendly. Built-in rich media applications, including projectors, electronic whiteboards, computers, monitors, advertising machines and other functions in one, make the user’s experience greatly enhanced.

The smart board will replace the following products




projection screen


3、 Convenient connection

It is not subject to wire system and breaks the traditional mode. The smart board itself is a computer with all the functions of a computer. It has rich interfaces, which can be connected to other computers, mobile phones, tablets, USB flash drives and other devices, and can be connected wirelessly or wirelessly. Its existence can break the limitations of the small screen controlling the large screen through plugging in the past, adapt to different media devices, and the same screen image is stable and not stuck.

4、 Convenient electronic whiteboard function

The electronic smart board function has a real writing experience. The intelligent algorithm presents fine notes, restores the real touch of paper and pen, and can change different font shapes and colors, mark different states, save with one key, clear with one key, etc. For files or PPT, you can also add comments, which is simple and convenient.