The all-in-one teaching and meeting machine is office equipment that integrates computers, televisions, switches, electronic whiteboards, projectors, loudspeakers, and advertising machines.

Features of the all-in-one teaching and meeting machine

It is also an integrated machine, which can meet various purposes, has powerful functions, and does not require complex operations. It says goodbye to cumbersome, and greatly improves the application and communication efficiency of people in meetings, demonstrations, professional command, etc.

The all-in-one teaching and meeting machine is a solution for interactive demonstration of information, teaching and graphics, which opens a new era of intelligent meetings. It has 4k high-definition anti glare quality, multi touch, arbitrary annotation storage, ultra narrow double frame appearance, wireless projection, etc.

Functions and application scenarios of all-in-one teaching and meeting machine

Support wireless screen transfer of computers, mobile phones and tablets; It supports remote control to adjust parameters and switch signal modes, making it easier to use; Interactive functions such as handwritten annotation, page turning and playback can be carried out to meet the needs of speech and synchronous display in various environments; Light and thin structure, saving space; Magnesium aluminum alloy box material, high processing precision, good heat dissipation; It supports full front maintenance and installation, effectively saves space, and is used in conference rooms, lecture halls, exhibition halls, command and monitoring centers, office building lobbies and other application scenarios.