With the development of science and technology, school teaching has developed from the traditional chalk-blackboard teaching to the present interactive whiteboard teaching, which has greatly improved the participation and effect of school teaching and achieved better teaching results.

Today, I will talk with you about the benefits of interactive whiteboard for school teaching.

1.Simplified teaching equipment

In the previous school teaching, the content on the computer was projected onto the whiteboard through a projector for display.

The projector, computer, stereo and whiteboard are all necessary. The smart board integrates the functions of all the above equipment, greatly simplifying the operation process and improving the teaching efficiency.

2.It enriches the teaching content

Interactive whiteboard can not only watch PPT handouts, but also watch various multimedia videos, and can also directly write and other functions.

Which not only enriches the teaching form, but also effectively improves students’ classroom participation.

3.Save teaching time in class

In the past, blackboard books need to be written at the top of the class and wiped during the class.

The interactive whiteboard can help teachers prepare blackboard books in advance, save the time for writing blackboard books in class, and enable more things to be done in the class with limited time.

4.High flexibility

The interactive whiteboard can install different plug-ins according to different courses, such as the need to draw pictures for math courses, the need to distinguish between different color brushes, etc.

Which can be easily dealt with. At the same time, interactive whiteboard can interpret most of the video formats, reducing the embarrassing situation that the video format is not supported and cannot be played.

In general, the emergence of the interactive whiteboard has many benefits in the teaching process, both for teachers and students. I believe that with the popularization of the interactive whiteboard in the future, more and more teachers and students will enjoy the benefits of the interactive whiteboard.